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    How to reduce cutting off of internet data when we use internet in PC through cellphone?

    Having problem in reduction of data when using the Net via your PC? Get quick troubleshooting tips from our experts on how to resolve this problem.

    I use internet connection from my mobile phone to PC through Nokia PC Suite and I found that my internet data is reduced more in few seconds even though only I use it in Windows 8. Some of my friends suggested me to make use of the auto update option which I did, but it still is not the solution of my problem.
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  • If you do not want to waste your Internet data while using Internet in your PC with Windows 8 you should follow the methods given below to save your data:

    1. Auto update off:

    • Open the control panel in your PC.
    • You will find "Windows update" option there. Click on that and just change the settings of Windows update from auto update to never update. It will save your Internet data as now your PC will not update your window automatically.

    2. Disable images:
    As we see that on most of the sites we found many adds and various images of no use to us so you just need to disable all the images shown as your most of the Internet data is used in it. Considering you using Mozilla Firefox, Type on Google relative policy an open it to install in your PC after the installation of it you will find that no images are shown to you now so your Internet data will be saved from this method.

    3. You should not download anything from PC if you want to save you Internet data you can use a smartphones for that work that will somehow save some of your Internet data while downloading as compared to PC.

  • As you said, when using internet on PC our data will reduce mush faster then in a mobile phone. This may be because of the two reason. They are:
    1. In computer, there is no compression required as in mobile browsers, so the data to be transferred from a website to a PC is much larger than in a mobile phone.
    2. There are some data transfer in the background.

    The First reason can be reduced by switch on your caches and cookies. If you're allowing the website to save caches and cookies on your pc,then next time you load the page there will be no need of receiving certain elements from the website. By this, you can reduce the repeated transfer of certain elements. You can also install flash player to load the website mush faster.

    For the second reason you must disable those frustrating background processes. To do that Goto Task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del and click Task Manager) and check the background task which started without your permission. Kill those tasks by right click > End Task.
    Note: Do not END SYSTEM TASKS!
    You can also open the softwares you installed on your PC and choose never update automatically option on every software.

    Now check whether the data is going without any use for you. If it didn't work please reply again to this thread. I will reply you.

    Thanks & Regards,
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  • Try using Opera Mobile Classic Emulator browser in your Windows PC. This browser is from Opera and you will be running the mobile version of Opera browser in your computer. This browser consumes less data than Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

    I will also suggest you to turn-off the image and use ad-blocker in your browser to reduce much data usage. A webpage with only text contents will consumes not more than 50 KB. If you load webpage with image it will be as greater as 500 KB.

  • If you want to save your internet data while using internet in PC you need to follow the methods given below:

    1. I want to tell you that maximum of our internet data is used to show images so you need to disable your images:
    While using the browser Chrome you need to follow the steps given below to disable images:

    • open settings
    • Click to navigate to and select Show advanced settings.
    • Click to Privacy
    • Click to content settings
    • Click to Images
    • Click to Do not show any images

    Now you will not see any image on your browser.

    2. You can also disable your auto update option in your PC as follows:

    • Open the control panel in your PC
    • Click to windows update option
    • Click to the option never update window

    So that your internet data will not be wasted to update your window.


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