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    How to make YouTube videos mobile friendly?

    Want to create a YouTube video in such a way that it is in sync with mobile devices? Learn the best tips to may a YouTube video mobile friendly.

    I have seen some videos on YouTube can be streamed on mobile devices while some videos can only be watched on a desktop/laptop. So I want to know how to make my YouTube videos mobile friendly. In which format should I create videos so that they can be watchable on every mobile device.
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  • From various helpful guidelines provided on the Net, it seems that you can make your YouTube video mobile-friendly directly from the YouTube video settings itself.

    What you need to do:
    1. Open the video you wish to make mobile friendly on YouTube itself.
    2. Hit the 'Video' link, then the 'Edit' link.
    3. Go to the syndication part and select the Yes box for making it available on mobile phones.


  • With every YouTube video that you upload, you get an option in its Settings to either make it available on Desktop or Mobile or both. You can change this setting anytime you want. This works for already uploaded videos also.

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