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    Suggestions for best companies for power box or power supply box for a gaming CPU

    Planning to purchase a power box or power supply box for a gaming CPU? Follow the responses in this thread to know which are the reputed companies for this product.

    I want to make a gaming CPU and I am collecting the information of all the accessories in a gaming CPU so that I can place them in my CPU. I had changed my power supply box 7 times because I do not have much knowledge about the best companies of the power box. Suggest me which to go for.
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  • The PSU or SMTP is one of the most important parts of a PC. This is also one of the most ignored component by system builders while buying PC parts. It is the Power Supply Unit that takes in high voltage power from your house socket and converts it into low voltage power that is then supplied to various components inside your PC.

    Always, always buy a PSU from a well known brand that has good after sales support. Also, you should select and buy the PSU after you've selected and bought all the other PC components.


    PSUs come in different wattage, they range from a minimum of 450w to a maximum of 1200w. Depending upon the power requirements of your PC, based on the components you buy, you need select the appropriate wattage for the PSU you buy. Having a 1200w PSU for a PC that needs about 650w is not just waste of money but also waste of power.

    Please find a URL mentioned below that will take you to an online calculator. This power wattage calculator will ask you for the PC components that you've selected and will calculate the total power requirement for your PC. You can then go ahead and buy a PSU with the relevant wattage from stores.

    I would personally suggest you to buy a Corsair branded PSU. They are a well known brand and have good after sales support. There's also Cooler Master branded PSUs that you can consider. I, myself use a Cooler Master 650w PSU for my desktop and have been very happy with it for the past 3 years.

  • There are many companies to buy power box for a gaming CPU and I will suggest you with some of the best from them:

    1. Corsair - CX Series Modular CX750M 750W ATX Power Supply
    As we know that most of the gamers use the parts of Corsair company for their PC so you can also get the power box of Corsair company for your gaming CPU. It will nearly cost you $89.99.
    2.Corsair - RM Series 850W Power Supply
    As I mentioned above about Corsair company so you can buy this awesome product for your gaming CPU so that it you can be comfortable to the power supply in your CPU. You can get this awesome product and it will nearly cost you $139.99.
    3. Corsair - Professional HX1050 ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply
    It is also considered one of the best power box for your gaming CPU and you can get this product in $197.99.
    4. Corsair - CX Series Modular CX600M 600W ATX Power Supply
    As per my thinking it is the best power box in a low budget by Corsair company. It is the cheapest power box among all which I mentioned above and you get this product and it will nearly cost you $79.01.
    As I gave you many suggestions for your question so you can select any of the product according to your budget.


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