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    Is Amazon India affiliate program a scam?

    Amazon India affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs in India. Many bloggers have earned huge sales commission especially during the special festival seasons. It is important to read their operating agreement before jumping into huge investments in affiliate marketing since violation of policies could lead to non-payment of the affiliate commission. Follow this thread to read a complaint about non-payment of affiliate commission and the reasons behind it.

    I saw a Facebook post that says Amazon India affiliate program is a scam. According to his report, he earned more than 5 lakhs Indian Rupees from Amazon affiliate program but then the company called him and said they won't pay him because their fraud prevention team found unusual behavior in his affiliate sales. But according to him he has used only email marketing and social media marketing to sell the affiliate products.

    Some others who responded to that thread said they have seen such scam reports about Amazon earlier too.

    Is it true that their affiliate program is a scam? Can we trust them? Any other bloggers faced this kind of non-payment from Amazon India?

    Amazon Affiliate Program is a scam or not
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  • Amazon - I don't believe they will scam you. It is one of the most trusted eCommerce companies in the world and I have been a loyal customer of since several years.

    I am not really into affiliate marketing but I do use it a little bit. Their operating agreement is pretty tough to follow. For example, they do not allow advertising the affiliate links in Search engines. This means, you cannot advertise your affiliate links directly. However, you can advertise your website and place affiliate links in the advertised website. Also, they do not allow using redirected, intermediate links to products. There is nothing explicitly mentioned about social media or email marketing. However, it is pretty obvious that it is not allowed since they have made certain link placement requirements that will not work with social media and email marketing. Throughout the program policies, they mention "your site" and "placing links on the site", which indirectly requires that you cannot place the links anywhere else, including emails and social media posts.

    My wife purchased a few products using my affiliate links and I never got paid for those sales! Well, it's their policy and they seem to be pretty smart about it. According to their policy, we cannot buy products for our friends, relatives and ourselves. I have no complaints about it.

    In this case, the complaint itself says he used email marketing and social media promotion. For most people, both of them means nothing but spamming. I do not know about this particular case, but most people who claim email marketing do nothing but send spam emails to thousands of people. Those who claim to be doing social media marketing are doing nothing but posting links in all groups, which is a clear case of spam. Whether you call it SPAM or not, according to Amazon, it is not an allowed practice. You are allowed to use the Amazon affiliate links only in your approved website.

    How to deal with this case?

    If you receive a notice like this, this is what I suggest you to do:

    The money you are talking about is a pretty big amount. So, don't give up on it easily. When they call you, talk to them with confidence. Tell them you are an established blogger who follow ethical business practices. Tell them you are marketing your website through email marketing and social media marketing and also tell them you are a "popular and influential blogger". Try to convince them that you are doing only ethical practices to make affiliate revenue. Also mention you have invested a good amount of money to promote Amazon products, which is a mutually beneficial business. If you can convince Amazon that you followed ethical practices and not spamming/illegal methods, Amazon may decide to release your payment.

    Amazon affiliate program is definitely not a scam or fraud program. Such complaints of non-payment of affiliate commissions comes up once in a while and I'm pretty sure this happened due to non-compliance of their terms and conditions.

  • Hope for the best. Thanks for writing the article.

  • I personally don't feel that Amazon India affiliate program is a scam. Amazon is a large company and their affiliate program is used by thousands of affiliates all over the world. There are hundreds of payment proofs available online which you can check. I am 100% sure that its genuine. I would suggest you to give it a try and check it yourself.

    You can know more about Amazon affiliate program at the below link.

  • They are not scam but maybe the leads that you sent them turned out to be a lot of them returning products. Which often triggers their fraud prevention algorithm and they stop people from paying. So this is something that happened to you. Besides email marketing is not allowed as per their terms. As far as I know, US amazon has a clause against email marketing. Also if you do social media marketing, make sure that most of the people who are buying from your link are legit traffic. One single return and amazon could delay your other earnings. This is how they work. So better not rely on them for the serious affiliate marketing. Keep them for alternative but not for single source of revenue.

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