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    Best processors for a gaming PC under Rs 10k!

    Gaming computers require a lot of power. You will need the best processing power for the power hungry gaming devices. Read the expert recommendations on the processors for gaming computers.

    I am very crazy to play more and more high graphic games. But my processor don't support it and I am thinking to buy a new processor under Rs 10k for those high graphic games . Suggest me with the best ideas so that I can buy the best for my PC. I will be very thankful to the replies.
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  • According to me the best processor for a gaming PC is AMD Fx 6300 (3.5 GHz). This processor comes with 6 cores and is well known to support all the latest games and also provides decent fps in all the latest graphic thirsty titles. It has unlocked cores which enables the users to easily overclock this processor to a desired rate. This processor has proven to be a tough rival to the Intel's third generation Core i3 processor. Moreover, it is also a decent choice if you want to record your gameplays at high settings with a screen recording software as it allows the software to unleash the power of its multi cores which not only smooths the gameplay video but also does not allow much in-game fps loss.

  • Assuming that you will play games at ultra settings and 1080p resolution, the best gaming processor for you should be AMD FX 8350. AMD Fx 8350 is packed with 8 cores that come unlocked, which means that you can easily over clock this processor. Thus allowing you to play all the latest HD titles.

    Moreover, If you plan to record your game plays then it will also help you to record smooth game plays and will not have any significant fps loss. And if paired with a compatible motherboard like MSI, which comes for around Rs. 3k then it will automatically over clock your processor to a decent speed or rather frequencies.

    I hope it was useful for you.

  • If you have a strict budget of Rs. 10,000 you can also look at the AMD FX 8320 8 core processor. Although, I am a die hard Intel fan and would never go for an AMD based gaming rig, its the budget constraint that made me suggest you the above CPU.

    Please note, while AMD CPUs are comparable to most of the expensive counterparts from Intel, they lag behind in heating issues and have a comparatively shorter life span. You may be able to get the performance you need from AMD processors, but this may also make you spend a lot more on cooling solutions to keep your PC temperatures down.

    My suggestion would be to build a gaming rig in a phased manner if you do not have the funds to spend in one go. Also, invest the most on the CPU, RAM and GPU.

  • Many AMD processors are available online for playing games but as your price range is Rs 10000 so these are the processors that I strongly recommend to you. If you can increase your price range then many new choice will be available or you.

    1. AMD Quad-Core A10-Series APU A10-7700K
    Price is Rs 10522 on

    2. AMD 3.5 GHz AM3+ FX 8320 8 Core Piledriver Processor
    Price Rs 10389 on

    3. AMD FX-8320 (FD8320FRHKBOX) Processor
    Price Rs 10289 on

    4. AMD A10 6800K Processor
    Price Rs 9744 on

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