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    Is Whatsapp on Web version going to be a distinct reality in near future?

    Wondering if WhatsApp would be available soon as a Web version for access through your PC? Follow the latest tech news and keep yourself updated on this right here at our experts' news thread.

    Though all this while Whatsapp messenger has been available only on mobile devices like phones or tablets (with sim), there have been news that Whatsapp may soon be available on web i.e. we would be able to directly use Whatsapp from desktop PC or computer. Even today, we can access Whatsapp on PC using AirDroid 3 app or Bluestack software. But, going forward, there is a distinct possibility that Whatsapp itself allows accessing the messaging from computers. As per, some piece of code contains the text "Whatsapp Web" indicating that Whatsapp might be launching web version of Whatsapp pretty soon. Please share relevant information and confirmed news.
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  • As you yourself have indicated, there is presently only vague news of the web version of WhatsApp. The company itself has not officially announced anything. Nor have they given so much as an outright hint!

    As of today, some sites like have provided ways & means on how to use WhatsApp in a web browswer. This does mean accessing WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop, but not everybody has been successful with this method. Also, such methods do not excite die-hard WhatsApp fans because it means opening another account since you cannot use your existing account to install it in the browser. That, obviously, is annoying.

    The bottomline: no confirmed official news of WhatsApp having any footprints on the Web!


  • Whatsapp has not made any official announcement yet.The same question is asked by one at the Techulator some days ago.

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