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    Which is the slimmest smartphone: Vivo X5 Max or Oppo R5?

    Read this thread to know which is the slimmest smartphone available. Also read detailed comparison between the slimmest phones- Vivo X5 Max & Oppo R5

    Tauted as the world's slimmest smartphone, Vivo X5 Max got unveiled today. All this while, I was waiting to check out Oppo R5 smartphone that was supposed to be the slimmest smartphone in the world. However, even before the release of Oppo 5, we have Vivo X5 Max being showcased to the world as the slimmest smartphone. Can someone clear the air as to which of these mobile phones is thinner in comparison? What are the features looked at while deciding the slimness of these smartphones?
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  • According to the latest buzz that is based on facts more than hearsay, the Vivo X5 Max is definitely the slimmest smartphone in the market.

    If we compare the thickness of the two devices, the Oppo R5 has a thickness of 4.85mm, while the Vivo X5 Max has a thickness of 4.75mm. The Vivo X5 is slimmer by 0.1mm.

    Slimness is gauged by the physical thickness of a device.

    The Vivo X5 is the slimmest smartphone in the world until another manufacturer dethrones it with a slimmer version.

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  • Vivo X5 is the world's slimmest mobile phone. Vivo X5 is even slimmer than Oppo R5 in comparison for the slimmest mobile phone. Oppo R5's thickness is 4.85mm but the thickness of Vivo X5 is less than Oppo R5 at 4.75mm.

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  • Vivo X5 has been recently released and it is considered as the slimmest mobile phone in the world. Vivo X5 has a thickness of just 4.75 mm and the thickness of Oppo R5 is 4.85 mm. So it is clear that Vivo X5 is more slimmer in comparison to Oppo R5.


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  • With the thickness difference of just 0.10 mm, both the smartphones look exactly the same and could be easily mistaken for other. Both of them have their unique features and it is tough to decide which one is better. Although Oppo R5 provides a much clear display than the Vivo X5 Max, but it does not provides any 3.55 mm audio jack and users will have to use other methods to connect their audio devices. While Oppo R5 makes use of the fast battery charging technology, Vivo X5 Max lacks any of the fast battery recharging technology. Oppo R5 takes just 30 minutes for its charging from 0-70%. Both the smartphones are powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor which are paired up with the same 2 GB DDR3 RAM. Although both of them come with an internal storage of 16 GB, but Oppo does not provide any memory card slot for further memory expansion.

    Moreover, while considering their price, Oppo R5 will be available for Rs.5k to Rs.6k lesser than its rival Vivo X5 Max.

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