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    Which are the best ad networks for mobile wap sites ?

    Do you have a wap sites receiving traffic from mobile phones? Read this thread to know which are the best ad networks for such sites to generate handsome revenue.

    Currently I am creating some wap sites for mobile downloads. I want to monetize them by displaying advertisements. Please provide me some best ad networks which pay us for mobile traffic. Also provide me their CPM & CPC rates and the minimum payout amount.
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  • Frankly speaking nothing is better than the Google network advertisement whether it be for desktop ones or for mobile ones. Keeping this in view, the best ad network suitable for a mobile optimized site is :

    AdMob: AdMob is owned by Google and it is basically AdSense for mobile devices. AdMob provides a deep pool of advertisers with the advanced optimization technology and good technical support for developers.

    Although AdMob is owned by Google but the AdMob platform works for all major devices which includes Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. This wonderful ad serving platform has an incredible network of more than one million advertisers which ultimately gives developers a significant amount of control in filtering the ads that appear in their apps.

    However, AdMob places limitations on ad units that are to be incorporated into apps. All the ads shown are relatively low-impact, traditional banner type:

    • 728×90 leaderboard (for iPad / tablet)
    • 300×250 rectangle (for iPad / tablet)
    • 468×60 banner
    • 320×50 mobile leaderboard

    AdMob currently allow some specific publishers to run high CPM interstitial ads in mobile apps which pay publishers on a CPM basis but the publisher needs to be selected for this program. Moreover, AdMob allows publishers to set a "refresh rate" on their ad units which will generally result in a higher number of total ads shown and better overall monetization.

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    Mobile web has grown at an advanced rate and the Mobile Advertising ecosystem too. Sponsormob is the first and top CPA Network for the Mobile Web. Their unique ad-serving and tracking system ensures that your ads are seen by the right people for optimal results.

    Features of Sponsormob:-

    - Reporting-> Fast & transparent
    -Partnership with campaign managers.
    -Statistics-> Update on hourly basis.
    -Minimum Payout-> 50 Euros.
    -Mobile Conversion Solutions-> Call-Back, Click-to-Call, Cost-per-Lead,
    Cost-per-Action, Cost-per-Click.

    You can also try the MobPartner also. With MobPartner, you pay only when an ad impression results in an action, when a purchase done or an app install. There's no budget or performance risk – only results. Mobpartner is very profitable way to earn money using their cost per action(CPA) program. These are the CPA advertising models provided by them:-
    Cost-Per-Install(CPI): Generate app install
    Cost-Per-Scale(CPS): Generate a business sale
    Furthermore, MobPartner provides hybrid advertising models which let you combine two payment methods into one program. Cost-per-click combined with cost-per-install and Cost-per-install combined with cost-per-sale are the two models included in it.
    -Minimum Payout-> $50 (Early was $30,now its changed).

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