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    How much RAM a gaming PC should have?

    Wondering how much RAM is ideal for a PC to play games? Know from our experts how much RAM you would need on your PC for games.

    I was not able to know the best answer for a question that "How much RAM should a gaming CPU should have ?". Mention some suggestions so that I can buy RAM according to it. It will help me to avoid problems in playing games.
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  • Gaming depends on RAM and Processor. I recommend you to have more than 1 GB RAM and atleast a dual core processor. With this configuration you can play majority of the PC games. If you want a PC only for gaming purpose then I suggest you to buy an AMD processor and atleast 2 GB RAM.

  • How much RAM a gaming PC would need would primarily depend upon the kind of games you would play. I have seen high end gamers with 16GB RAM on their systems and still complaining.

    I have an i7 laptop with 8GB of RAM and I am very happy with it. I usually play GTA IV and a bit of Microsoft Flight Simulator sometimes, so accordingly researched and bought this laptop.

    Generally, the more RAM a PC has, the better it is. However, be sure that your CPU and GPU have the capability to make use of so much of RAM. You don't want your CPU to be a bottleneck, would you?

  • For playing games smoothly at very high or ultra settings, you really need a good system to handle them. And mainly it depends on which screen resolution are you going to play all the modern games. For example, if you have a 720p resolution (1280*768 or 1366*768), you will at least need 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. And for playing at 1080p resolutions, you will definitely need 16 GB RAM for playing all the graphic thirsty games at ultra settings. Besides, you will also need a good GPU like the one from ATI R9 series or Nvidia 700 GTX series. And to maintain all this high end system, you will need a good PSU (power supplying unit) which should be rated at at least 500 - 600 watts.

    PS: I recommend you to buy only Corsair DDR3 RAM and Corsair 500 watts PSU.

  • I think the minimum RAM on your system should be at least 8GB clocked at 1666mhz. If you couple these requirements with a good graphic card then you will be able to play plenty of high graphic games at high settings. You should always rely on GDDR5 versions of graphic card. The RAM which I mentioned above will help you in video editing and will also make the video editing process very smooth.

    I hope this was useful for you.

  • If you are a real gamer and play more and more games in your PC, as a gamer I suggest you to have at least 8 GB of DDR3 RAM in your CPU so that your CPU can work smoothly and it will not get slow while playing games in your PC.


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