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    How to identify whether lucky draws on online shopping websites are fake or real?

    Are the offers from Online shopping sites real? Learn indepth analysis of the issue from the experts.

    Now a days online shopping websites are offering lucky draws to buy smartphone devices at nominal prices. They offer to give iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S etc for 599/- Rupees. My question is "Are online shopping website lucky draws fake or real?" If yes, what is the actual process of selecting winners?
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  • Hello Vilas, though this kind of lucky draws may not be always fake, the chances of winning are extremely low. So, I advice you never expect more from these lucky draws and better to be away from participating.

  • This depends upon the reputation of the website on which the contest is held. The draws like that of iPad at Rs 599 are not fake but there are fair chances of winning such contests so, it is wastage of time. But some website guarantee the cashback in the form of credits on their websites which can be used for shopping on any product. So, I suggest you to verify the condition of the website and then proceed to further claiming.

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  • Wise customers will not get fooled by the new marketing technique followed by online shops like 100 bestbuy. Most of the buyers are lured to pay a small amount of Rs.599 to buy smartphones like iPhones, Galaxy S3 and other costly devices costing between Rs.30000 to Rs.40000. One should be able to read in between the lines of the offer made by such online sellers. These online shops give a very catchy slogans like "You either win or we refund 100% of your money". Then just below this catchy slogan they would give the terms and conditions of the contest as follows:
    • 10 lucky winners will be chosen through a Lucky Draw conducted by (name of the online shop) and they will be informed by email.

    • All participants will get 100% cash-back, in terms of credit points.
      (for eg: if you buy any deal worth Rs 100 you will be getting 100 credits points in your account maintained by the online seller by which you can buy any products from the online seller. With these points users can buy any other products on from the online seller.

    • Lucky Winner will be confirmed by the email sent to him.

    • The buyer should read the second condition above very carefully. It is not the cash which will be refunded by the seller but the buyer will be given the cash credit points equal to the amount paid by him with which he can buy any other product from the online seller if he is not selected in the draw. The wise customer can just give a little thought as to what he can buy with just Rs.599 paid by him in case he is not the winner. This means that the online seller is otherwise forcing the contest participant to buy something compulsorily from the seller by paying the difference of the amount for buying an article which must be costing higher than Rs.599. This way the online seller lures the gullible customers to compulsorily buy from it some other article. The customer has to lose Rs.599 if he does not do so. Moreover what is the guarantee that the seller has selected the ten winners? So, whenever you see such an add, think twice before being lured into the deal for which you might have to suffer later.

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  • Lucky draw conducted by online shopping websites are not at all fake. But you need to make sure that your are in a trusted online shopping website and your money will get refunded if you are not the winner. Websites like, 100best buy are offering this kind of deals. This kind of lucky draws are conducted mainly for attracting customers to their websites and to shop from there. It is just like discount deals offered by different online shopping websites.

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  • Kindly read my response above, do not be misguided that your money will be refunded in cash. Only points equivalent to the cash you have paid will be credited into your account and you have to buy an item worth those points from Since the items will usually cost more than the money you have deposited for the contest, you have to pay the additional money as difference between what you have paid and the actual cost of the item you have to buy. This is the trap spread by 100bestbuy to get the gullible customers trapped in it. Read the contest conditions very carefully before you fall into the trap of the seller.

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  • This kind of lucky draws are not always fake, there may be less chances in winning the prize. You should never expect more from these lucky draws and its better not to participate excessively. I think this is simply a waste of time valuable money.

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