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    Games with best stories in it

    Love playing story based PC games? Check out other's first hand feedback and opinions of the best PC story games.

    I wish to play story games on my PC but I was not able to find any good one. I want some suggestions of best story games which I can play on my PC. Also mention the requirements and space needed and other features about those games.
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  • One of my favourite game is Max Payne. One day, after returning home from duty as a detective in NYPD, he found his wife is shot dead and newborn baby is slaughtered by the New York Mafia. So he starts his revenge secretly and kills every antagonist. Another game 'The Punisher' also has a good revenge story but it has a very violent theme like torturing enemies to get secret information.

    These games also have a good storyline-
    1. Batman Arkam Series.
    2. Prince of Persia Series.
    3. Land of the Dead.
    4. Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge.
    5. Tintin - Secret of the Unicorn.

  • If you want to experience a story based game then you must go through all the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series and Call of Duty Black Ops series. These two series feature the perfect storyline and makes the players or rather gamers to play them for long hours. You could even try Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 as they also have good story and gameplay.

    Best FPS based good storyline games
    Borderlands series: Borderlands is a great example of FPS based storyline game which gamers from all around the world love to play a lot. I have played this game and I can't tell how much fun I had killing some dumb minded bandits and gruesome bots. The latest title of this series is - Tales from the Borderlands which was released in this November.

    Resident Evil series: If you like to play ghostly games then you should not miss out on the Resident Evil series. Play this game and experience the suspense and fear that awaits you further.

    Homefront: This game is based on the freedom fighters from USA who try their best to make their country free from Korean influence. Play this game and execute the awaiting plan to suppress key targets and rescue your friends.

  • The above posts have already told you some of the best fps based good storyline games. Now, I will tell you some other good games that come with good storylines.

    NFS The Run: I'm sure you are already aware of Need for Speed series and know how good their games are. 'NFS The Run' features a grand race which you have to win in order to earn a big amount and pay off your debts. While playing the storyline, you will encounter in between stories which will insist you to continue playing this game further.

    Spec Ops The Line: This is also a good fps game which my fellow members forget to tell. In terms of storyline, this game has been rated for the best sad storyline. The gameplay features some exciting actions like shooting sand filled cars that make the enemy drown in the intense layers of sand. The graphics also feature some exciting textures and lightning features.

    GTA 4: Well, if you want to play a good storyline game then you just cannot forget to play this game. The game features excellent graphics and actions. The game is so much addictive that you will not leave your PC without completing the missions and getting a short glimpse of the storyline.

    L.A. Noire: This is yet another incredible game from 'RockStar'. This is the first RockStar game that does not revolve around the gangster theme. In this game you will play the role of a detective who solves the mystery of gruesome murders. To be a perfect player in this game, you will need to perfect your skills of studying the facial expressions.

    I hope this was useful for you.

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