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    Best gaming graphic cards priced below Rs 6,000

    Eager to buy a gaming graphic card within 6k? Get expert feedback and opinions of the best available within INR6,000.

    I want to buy a gaming graphic card for my PC which is priced below Rs 6,000. Can I get some suggestions with their full details including the detail that from where can I get it, prices and other information? Help me out to buy the best one.
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  • For this price range, I recommend you to buy ATI R7 250 GDDR5 version which comes with boost. It is the best gaming graphic card under Rs.6k and provides very good performance in almost every latest graphic thirsty title. But if you really want to play all the latest games on very high or ultra settings, then you should have a good system to handle all the complex processes with ease. I recommend you to have Intel Core i3 3.5 GHz version or AMD Fx 6300 processor which should be paired up with at least 4 GB of RAM (I recommend using Corsair ones). Besides, this gaming graphic card is only suitable for 720p HD gaming and thus will provide good performance on the screen resolutions of up to 1280*768 or 1366*768. If you plan on playing games at 1080p then you will need to expand your budget further.

    Sapphire ATI R7 250 GDDR5 features
    This gaming graphic card features a GPU core clock of 1050 MHz and memory clock of 1150 MHz (however effective memory clock is 4600 MHz) and is a pretty good amount for smooth graphic processing and swift texture fill rate.
    ATI R7 250 GDDR5 has a bandwidth of 128 Bit (73.6 GB per second) and is suitable for 720p HD gaming.
    This graphic card supports DirectX 11.2 and is pretty enough to handle all the latest games. Moreover, it also supports CrossFire(for using two GPUs altogether in a system), comes with AMD App Acceleration, Eyefinity technology and consumes very less power and does not even need any extra power connectors for its setup.

    PS: You can buy this graphic card from Snapdeal and is currently priced at Rs.5900. Hurry up or it will go out of stock due to its current huge demand.

  • I will suggest 2 graphic cards that would suffice your requirements.

    1.NVIDIA GT-730

    Galaxy NVIDIA GT-730 is available for a discounted price of Rs.4690.This GDDR5 card is godd for starting range and suitable for initial level gaming build.Compatible with DirectX 12,it offers better performance.It has 1 GB RAm which performs best for native low resolution of 1366 x 768 or lower.It needs PCI Express 2 support. It has 64 Bit memory interface.


    1. GPU clock - 954 MHz

    2. Power - 300 W

    3. 3 years warranty

    2. AMD R7 250

    Available at Rs.6700 , this is the best graphics card in the range.It has a clock of 1000 MHz and needs a 400 W power supply.This card is equipped with 1GB DDR5 RAM.It would require PCI-E 3.0 bus support.AMD R7 is compatible with DirectX 12 and also works with PCI Express 2.0 or 3.0. It has 128 Bit memory interface.The card comes with 3 years warranty.

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