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    Tips to increase mileage of Suzuki Lets scooter

    Recently purchased a Suzuki Lets scooter? Here are some excellent tips on how to increase the mileage and save money on fuel.

    My friend owns a Suzuki Lets scooter. It is a nice scooter and even I am planning to buy it in coming days. I would like to know some working and effective tips to increase mileage of Suzuki Lets scooter.
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  • There are many ways to maintain or increase the mileage of Suzuki Lets scooter and I am going to tell some of those.

    1. While riding, maintain the optimum speed.
    2. Use the petrol of same petrol pump for quality purposes.
    3. When your engine starts don't suddenly increase the accelerator to full as it puts heavy load on the engine. Slowly rev it up. You can Visit compare scooters in India at
    I hope they were useful for you.

  • There are little things that should be kept in the mind and after that automatically you'll notice that your scooter is performing better in the same quantity of fuel. Although, you can't increase the mileage of the scooter from the value declared by the manufacturer but you can try and achieve that.

    Few Things that should be kept in mind:-
    1. Get your scooter serviced at the appropriate interval. The interval or the time your scooter needs servicing is mentioned in the user manual.
    2. Read the full user manual carefully, this will make you aware of tips and manufacturer recommendations.
    3. Always have the air pressure of the tyres under check as tyres with more or less pressure that normal affect mileage.
    4. Always refuel your scooter from that petrol pump that provides you good quality petrol.
    5. If you can afford premium petrol then go for it and you'll automatically notice the difference.
    6. Don't ride your scooter fast. Try to manage a constant speed between 40-60 Km/h. The more you'll rev the accelerator, the more fuel it will consume.
    7. Try to use brakes only at the appropriate time while driving. Let the brakes free if you're driving in a traffic-free road.

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