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    What is the file extension of Blackberry apps & games ?

    Want to know the file extension of Blackberry apps? Learn from our experts what this is.

    Every digital file has an extension by which we can identify the type of file. Like Android games and apps are available in .apk form & for iPhone file extension is .ipa. So what is the file extension of apps and games that can be run on Blackberry smarphones and mobiles?
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  • In BlackBerry smartphones, support for third party apps is less. Most of the time you will end up installing from BlackBeryy app world even if you try to install from a third party source. Few days back I installed app directly from my laptop. I downloaded .exe file and connected my phone to laptop, boom the app got installed. So you literally won't get chance to install the app like you do in Android.

    There are times you will get BlackBerry app inside a .zip file. The zip file contains file with extensions .cod and .alx. There will be special instructions from the developer to install this kind of app. Those two are the extension used in BlackBerry apps. Installing apps in BlackBerry is not simple as Android.

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