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  • How to download Android apps and games from an online Playstore on a non-Android device

    Want to download an Android app from an online play store to a device not having Android OS? Get expert advice on whether this is possible and how to do so.

    We all know Google play store is the official store to download Android games and apps. It only allows Android mobiles to download games/apps. I want to know how to download Android games/apps from Google play store on a computer or any device other than Android ?
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  • Even if you are able to download the 'apk' file of the app/game that you need, it won't play on a non-android device. On a PC, you may need an emulator to install an Android app/game but I doubt you would be able to directly install it.

  • Google Play Store is mainly for Android devices and hence you'cant download the .apk files from Google Play store on your non-Android device. Even if you copy the .apk file to your SDcard, then the file will not run on your non-android device.

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