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    Will Xiaomi ban affect existing customers and already placed orders?

    Did you hear about the Xiaomi ban news? Are you worried what will happen to your orders for the phone or the Xiaomi phone you already purchased? Read this thread to learn more.

    I read many news that Xiaomi phone is banned in India. I am not sure if the phone is banned or only the importing and sales is banned.

    Can anybody tell me clearly:

    1. Is it true that Xiaomi phones are facing legal issues in India?

    2. What exactly is the court ruling? Is the company banned only from importing and selling?

    3. Will Flipkart continue to sell their already imported phones?

    4. What will happen to the orders already placed for those phones? Will Flipkart deliver those phones?

    5. If Flipkart can't deliver the phones which are already ordered, will they refund the money?

    6. Is there any ban on using the Xiaomo phones in India? I mean, can the existing users of the phone continue to use them?
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  • Xiaomi has not been banned. Current orders of Xiaomi phones are safe so you should not worry about it. Your order might be late but they are safe and you will get them soon. You can track your order to know when it will reach you.

    I hope this was useful for you.

  • There is no ban for the Xiaomi phones. The court order is only to suspend the sale and import of their phones to India due to some patent issues with Ericsson. This is expected to be sorted out soon. Also, the Delhi Highcourt order doesn't talk anything about the existing customers. If you already purchased the phone and have received it, then there is nothing to worry. You are safe to use your Xiaomi phone.

    If you have placed an order and haven't received it, then it is possible that company may not be able to ship it to you. Check your order status with online shop and see what it shows. You may want to call them and ask their shipping plans.

    Their future sales would be suspended until they are able to sort out the issue. So, it is possible that you may not be able to order the phone until the company is able to clear the injunction order from the court.

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