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    Is there any social media site from microsoft?

    Is there any social media site from Microsoft? The answer lies below. Read the thread and know about if there is any Microsoft social media site?

    Nowadays many social media sites are emerging. Google , facebook and twitter are the examples of some major social networking sites. I just wanted to know, is there any social networking site owned by microsoft. If yes, please give me some information of it.
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  • Yes, Microsoft has finally launched its website named "SOCL" a few days ago. It was launched last year, but was under test until last Wednesday. It is just like a social networking site, we can post or share photos, videos or links and many other things. We can also comment on others posts. The profile page of a user on this website is just a collection of all the published posts by the user. So far it looks like an awesome effort by Microsoft and you should take a look at it.

    I hope this was useful for you.

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