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    How to restore factory settings of Nokia C3-00?

    Are you looking for an easy method to restore the default settings of your Nokia C3-00? Here is the solution. Go through the thread and know how to format Nokia C3-00.

    I have a Nokia C3-00 mobile. But it's speed is extremely slow and sometimes it hangs on while browsing. Sometimes the time changes automatically. I don't want these problems in my mobile. So please suggest me how to restore factory settings of my Nokia C3-00. Please give me step by step instructions.
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  • There are many methods to restore the factory settings of Nokia C3–00. And I am going to help you with some of them. Follow the steps given under:

    To soft reset Nokia C3–00:
    You need to press *#7780# and then dial. Note: The default security code is 12345 if your phone asks for it. This will reset your phone but your data will still remain as it is a soft reset.

    To hard reset Nokia C3–00:
    Dial *#7370#.
    This will clean or reset all your drives and your phone will be left with no data as it is hard reset.

    Simple reset:
    1. Open the menu.
    2. Go to settings.
    3. Then click phone settings.
    4. And then click on reset factory defaults.

    This will factory reset your device. I hope this was useful for you.

  • You should update the current software of your phone using your device or by visiting Nokia Store because often resetting the phone is not the solution to get rid of the current problems. But still if you wish to reset the phone then use the steps mentioned above by one of the Techulator expert.

  • You can reset you Nokia C3-00 by many methods but I will suggest you with the easiest method from them:

    Hard Reset for Nokia C3-00

    • Dial *#7370#
    • This will help you to reset your Nokia C3-00. And your mobile phone will be reset completely and this will be the solution for your problem.


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