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    How to work on Google AdWords

    Need guidelines on Google AdWords? Get a better understanding of how to use your Google AdWords account effectively and know its pros and cons.

    My friend would like to associate business with Google AdWords and he asked me about it but I don't know complete details about it unfortunately. Can you please let me know how to work on Google AdWords? Give me step by step guidelines on the Google AdWords process and let me know pros and cons of AdWords.
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  • Adwords is Google's advertising platform that lets advertisers market their product/service on the internet. It is a paid service that Google offers and is extremely effective if used properly. Depending upon the business your friend runs, Adwords can be used to market it by text, picture as well as video ads.

    To explain it to you better, let me take an example. Suppose, I run an electronics shop selling mobile phones and other gadgets and have a shop in a local market. I also have a website that I use to get orders. However, the traffic to my website is limited and my store is only visited by people who are visiting the market.

    Using Adwords, I can now promote and market my products on the internet in the form of ads. I can create a paid Adwords campaign and ask Google to display my ads featuring various gadgets at competing prices. Those ads are then displayed on the most visited websites and potential leads are then generated and forwarded to me/my website.

    The results of a campaign like this may vary depending upon your product/service and the audience you are targeting. Please note, Google regularly runs promotions on Adwords and may offer you an additional credit over and above your budget if you are a new user.

    I hope I was able to explain the concept to you. Please feel free to ask more questions.

  • @Amit, thanks for the detail on Adword process. However, I would like to know how to proceed in Adword account after logged in. Step by step guideline required to select and display ads. How long it will take to show ad online? Minimum charges for the simple text ads etc.


  • The charges per ad would depend upon a lot of factors like country of display, website the ad is displayed on, your total budget among other things. This may keep changing depending upon the algorithm Google uses. However, if you would like to select a fixed amount per ad click, you can do that as well but is not recommended.

    If you are planning to use text/image ads, I suggest either hiring a web designer to make make your ad in various formats or make them yourself. The best way to proceed is to call Google Adwords on their toll free number and get step by step assistance.

    Your ads would be live immediately and would start showing the next day onwards from the time you complete your campaign.

    TIP: Google is currently offering a free credit of Rs. 5000 if you invest similar amount on Adwords. This scheme is subject to a few conditions, one of them being a new Adsense account. I hope you haven't associated the new account you've created with your website yet. Call them up and start afresh with a new Adwords account to make use of this great offer. Here's their toll free number: 1800-419-6331.

    Lemme know if you need further assistance.

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