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    How to repair corrupted pendrive that shows zero byte of space

    Have a corrupted pendrive and need to recover files from it? Get expert troubleshooting tips to know how to repair a corrupted pendrive.

    I have 8GB of Kingston pendrive with 20MB read speed and 10MB write speed. This pendrive is 2 years old. I'm not able to access the files inside that pendrive. It always shows zero byte of space in my PC. When I tried to format that pendrive then Windows was unable to format the disk. I tried to connect via OTG to smartphone but nothing happened. Please guide how to recover files from the corrupted pen drive or how to repair the pendrive?
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  • Corrupted pen drives can be repaired by a lot of methods, some of them are as under:

    A. First thing to do is to check if the files are not hidden.
    B. If this doesn't work then click "Start" and go to "Run" and type 'cmd' and press enter.
    C. Your pen drive may be assigned "G" or "H" as driver letter.
    D. Enter this command attribute -h-r-s/s/d g:\*.* and press enter. You can copy this command and directly paste it in the command window.
    NOTE: Replace the letter 'g' in the above command with the appropriate letter that your computer assigns that pen drive.
    E. Now check your pen drive for the files.

    2. Another method for this is to format the pen drive by this attribute:
    –s-h/d *.*

    3. Third method to repair a pen drive is as under:
    A. Press Window key + X.
    B. Select disk management, if the disk shows as unlocked just right click and restore your pen drive. This will restore your pen drive and it should now be visible with the available storage space.

    4. And last method is as under:
    1. Open 'Run' and type 'cmd' and press enter.
    3. Now type command "attrib–s-h/s /b

    I hope one of these methods will work for you.

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