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    Can I place Adsense ads on a private blogger blog?

    Do you have a private blog hosted on Blogger platform? Read this thread to know whether its possible to display Adsense ads on it or not.

    Blogger gives you an option to keep your blog public or private. If you decide to keep your blog private and give a few users access to the blog by inviting them through this option, they get access to the blog after they login through their Google accounts.

    Blogger Private Blog

    Question: If I have a a private blog and have around 100 active users who log-in to access this blog, can I place Adsense ads on this blog? Is it against Adsense policies to have Adsense ads running on a private blogger blog?

    Please advise!
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  • Google Adsense is one of best source of earning money through published ads on your page. If you have fully approval Adsense account then you can link your Private blog or website with Google Adsense account to earn revenue. But unique visitors help to increase earning through Adsense account.

  • As per my knowledge, as of now there is nowhere Google mentioned rules and regulation to use or not to use Google ads on Private blogs. Since private blog is just like own group (members) where there is no unique visitors than own people, thus it is better to avoid placing ads on private blog as logic to avoid any misunderstanding or referring friends' to click on ads which may or may not create any issue in the future.


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