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    What is maximum display size for Windows 7 support?

    Planning to buy a new desktop with Windows 7 OS? Check out from our experts which display size you should go for to be compatible with Windows 7.

    I am thinking of buying a new desktop computer. I will go an for assembled product. I have windows 7 OS with me. I found that the maximum size of display available in Flipkart is 28 inch. I want to know whether Windows 7 OS supports 28 inch display. If not, I need to know the OS that supports big size display.
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  • The display resolution is dependant on your hardware and drivers. I don't think it depends on the OS installed. If your GPU or the inbuilt display adapter is able to give you support a 4k output, you can easily connect it to the new generation 4k LCD/LEDs.

    What is the display resolution of the 28-inch display that you've seen on Flipkart? It should most probably be a full HD 1920 X 1080 display. If it is, then these days all CPU/GPU/Motherboards support this resolution and there shouldn't be any issue. However, if it is a 4k display, then you would need to install a high-powered graphics card.

    I have personally connected my laptop, which has a standard display of 1366 X 768 to larger LED TVs with a resolution of upto 3840x2160 without any issues.

  • The display size of the monitor is independent of the operating system installed on the computer so choose any size wide screen monitor. The wide screen monitor are preferred irrespective of size for the computers.

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