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    How to reset Micromax Unite 2 factory settings?

    Need to reset the factory settings of your Micromax Unite 2 smartphone? Our experts will guide you on how to do this correctly.

    I have Micromax Unite 2 smartphone and I wanted to know the procedure to factory reset it. Actually I want my phone to be brought back to factory conditions i.e reset it to factory conditions.
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  • To reset your Micromax Unite 2 to factory settings, follow the below mentioned steps:

    1. Open the Menu of your phone.
    2. Go to Settings.
    3. Go to Backup & Reset.
    4. Click on Factory data reset.
    5. Enter your password if prompted.

    This would reset your phone to factory settings.

  • Hard factory reset:

    1. Turn off your Micromax Unite 2 phone using power button.
    2. Turn on the phone by pressing volume up+home+power button at the same time.
    3. You will get various options on the display, select the reset option and then confirm.
    4. Your device will be formatted completely.

    Soft factory reset:

    1. Open the menu of your phone.
    2. Go to settings.
    3. Go to accounts.
    4. Go to backup and reset.
    5. Go to factory data reset.
    6. Tap reset device.
    7. your device will be reset.

  • To reset your Micromaxx Unite 2, Go to settings>Accounts>backup and reset>factory reset setting and then reset your device from there.

    Note: If you'll reset your mobile, you'll lose all the customized settings done by you and the data stored in the phone memory.

  • You need to follow the steps given below to reset Micromax Unite 2 factory settings:

    Hard reset

    • Switch off your device by long press to the power button.
    • Switch on the device by long press to the volume up+home+power buttons at the same time.
    • When your device will switch on you will get various options on the display of your device and you will find a option to reset the device just click on it and you will be success to reset your Micromax Unite 2 factory settings.


    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

  • To soft reset Micromax Unite 2 you have to follow the steps below:
    1) Open Settings
    2) Go to accounts option
    3) Go to factory reset option
    4) Click on reset option and wait
    6) Your phone is successfully reset now.
    Soft reset means all the settings and other things will be cleared.

    To hard reset follow the following steps:
    1) Power down the phone
    2) Press all the three buttons together
    3) The Power off button, Home button, and volume up button.
    4) You'll get a set of options
    5) Find Factory reset and tap on it!
    6) Resetting is done successfully

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