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    Best PC monitors at cheapest price

    Looking for inexpensive computer monitors? Get feedback and suggestions on list of the best PC monitors.

    I want to buy a secondary monitor for my PC and want to connect it to my existing system. I would like to know which are the best but cheapest PC monitors available in India. If possible suggest something below 5k.
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  • Among the below deals, Lg and Acer are the best.
    LG LED Backlit LCD 16EN33S Monitor: Rs 4964,
    LG 16M35A LED Backlit LCD Monitor: Rs 4699,
    Acer P166HQL LED Backlit LCD Monitor: Rs 4628,
    AOC LED Backlit LCD e1660Sw Monitor: Rs 4353,
    Benq LED G615HDPL Monitor: Rs 4319,
    AOC LED Backlit LCD e1670Swu Monitor:Rs 4269.

  • These are the best monitors that are available online:

    1.Acer P166HQL 15.6 Inch LCD Monitor
    Price- Rs 4,375.00 on Amazon

    2.Zebronics 17-inch LED Monitor
    Price Rs 4,250.00 on Amazon

    3.Philips 163V5LSB23/94 15.6 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor
    Price Rs 4611 on Flipkart

    4.LG 16M35A 16 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor (Black)
    Price Rs 4903 on Flipkart

    5.Dell E1914H 18.5 Inches
    Price Rs on 5270 Snapdeal

    6.Philips 19.5 Inches
    Price Rs. 5520 on Snapdeal

    The monitors of Philips and Dell mentioned in the bottom are the best so you should prefer buying these ones as the size is large.

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