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    How to change theme in Gionee phone's Amigo UI?

    Want to change the themes in Giuonee Amigo UI? Learn how to disable custom themes or change to another theme.

    I'm using a Gionee Elife S5.5. My son changed it's theme to a custom theme, which eats up all the battery. In just a few hours, the battery will die, if the phone is in standby mode.

    I thought I am a geek and could change the theme from the settings. But I can't figure out where the options are.

    Can you help me figure out change the custom themes in Gionee Elife phone?
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  • In Amigo UI, in the main menu there is a menu icon called 'Theme', you can change the theme by using option.

    Also, there is another menu item listed as "color" which allows extra functionalities like wallpapers, effects etc. Live wallpapers and effects will discharge the phone's battery faster. I suggest you to disable these effects and switch to a normal wallpaper to conserve your battery.

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