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    How much to charge for writing reviews or articles

    Want to write an article or review on a niche topic for a website or blog? Check out what is the ideal payment you should get for such work.

    Nowadays writing for others has become one of the online businesses, wherein a writer is not interested to write for own blog or website but to write articles or reviews for other blogs or websites. I would like to know if you write review or article for any blog or website for relevant niche, how much generally you get paid for it? For example, for 500 to 750 words what would be the payment given?
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  • How much you get paid for content writing is dependent on a few factors like your quality of English, your fluency in the language and the depth of research you do on an article.

    If you are just starting out then you can ask for Rs.100 for 500-700 words. If you are somewhat of an experienced writer than you can ask for Rs.150 for the same number of words and if you are a highly experienced writer with professional quality English then you can even ask Rs.250 for such articles. There are people who get paid even more than this for their work. It is just a matter of starting out and then keep searching for better opportunities.

  • It is quite interesting that you are paid for writing articles even that improves your English and your confidence level too. The payment you get for writing a article is depend on you that what quality of English you use in the article,it is depend on the content that how much words you write and it is also depend on the level of you on techulator like if you are beginner than you may be rewarded with Rs.80 for 100–500 words. If you are an experienced writer on techulator than you may also get Rs.140 for the same number of words and if you are an expert in writing articles than you may be rewarded with more amount of money.

    I hope this was useful for you.

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    Hope i helped you.

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