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    Adsense policy query on linking files to blog

    Need clarification about an AdSense policy related to uploading files and linking to your blog? Get all your doubts clarified from our blog experts.

    I have a blog where I write easy to follow articles on how to root smartphones and install custom firmwares on them. The files that are used are developed by various developers who upload them on file sharing websites.

    Question: If I upload these files on my own server and link them to my blog for ease of download, would it be against Adsense policies?

    Since these files don't belong to me, am I allowed to share them on my blog from my own server? Currently I link my visitors to the developers file sharing website for file downloads.

    Please advice and suggest.
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  • It is not a matter of violating AdSense policies but rather a matter of violating the ownership of the developer. If you can get permission from the developer to upload the files on your choice of server then there is no problem on where you upload the files.

    On the other hand, having too many links to different file sharing websites is not good for your SERPs. You should find a way to keep links to file sharing websites to as minimum as possible. These websites don't have too good reputation in the eyes of Google as they are involved in the distribution of copyrighted content and if you link to them then it raises questions about your work too.

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