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  • How to know if a mobile is of India or imported

    Recently bought a smartphone of Indian make but having doubts if it is Indian? Get expert tips to know whether or not a smartphone is genuinely Indian.

    As imported mobiles without warranty is flooding into India and the offerings are very less in price than the mobiles of Indian version, there is lot of confusion while buying a second hand genuine Indian mobile. Is there any way of knowing whether a mobile is of Indian version or imported from outside if the IMEI number is known?

    Thanks in advance for your solutions.
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  • Just head over to - and put the IMEI number of your handset in the blank box and click on analyse button. Now it will give you complete information of your handset.

    Here is my experiment -

    When I put EMEI number of of my nokia c3, it showed all the information correctly. But when I enter IMEI number of a china mobile, it came up with this message, "This IMEI number seems to be correct, but we do not have any information on this specific handset. Please add the missing information below."
    Alternatively you can send IMEI number of the mobile to 53232, either you will get a reply of valid imei or invalid imei.
    Hope this helps.

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