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    WiFi router for long range

    Need a WiFi long range router? Quickly find a list of the best WiFi routers for use over a longer range.

    Can someone suggest me a router that gives me the longest range at the lowest possible cost? I have two houses in a colony that are approximately 300 metres apart from each other. Is there a router that will let me access WiFi while sitting in House 1 if the router is placed in House 2?
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  • Even the best long range Wifi routers are capable of giving only 60-100 meters worth of range. These are 5 GHz routers which are available at a little higher price than the normal routers. For your situation I don't think that you will find any router than can cover 300 meters of distance. At best you can try to use multiple Wifi extenders and try your luck but that will be a risky venture if they don't work.

  • There are no such WiFi routers that can connect up to 300 metres. 300 metres is a very long distance for WiFi coverage, also there are usually many obstacles in between like buildings, glass, trees and walls. This reduces the signal and strength of WiFi coverage.

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