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    Which is the best IDE for programming in C++

    Searching for the ideal IDE which used by professional developers for C++? Check out the feedback and opinions of software experts in the responses below.

    I am planning to develop a software application in C++ using wxWidgets library for GUI. I just want to know which is the best IDE for developing in C++. I have used CodeBlocks, Microsoft Visual Studio Express for Desktop.

    I like both of them. I would like to know which is the IDE that professional developers or development companies use for C++.

    I also would like to know what are the limitations of the Express edition of Visual Studio 2012, because there is also a professional version of the same.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • I recommended using Microsoft Visual C++ express for best IDE for programming in C++. Some more IDE Editors are Code Block, Visual-MigGW , Netbeans C++ , Dev C++ etc.
    There are following features re omit in Express edition of Visual Studio 2012
    VS 2012 express has not facility of 6 down vote "Productivity Power Tools 2012" , Multi-unit testing framework and refactoring.
    It has no support of Portable Class Libraries, Third-party extensibility support

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