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    Windows 8.1 pro high contrast error

    Getting Windows 8.1 pro high contrast error message on upgrading to latest version? Find out how you can deal with this error problem from our experts.

    I'm currently using Windows 8.1 pro in my PC. Before upgrading to latest version everything was fine but after latest upgrade the contrast in images and videos are getting high. The dark color is increased and I'm not able to see colors of images and videos even after changing the video settings in KMplayer, but no one setting works. Please help me to avoid the contrast problem.
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  • Did you try changing the contrast settings in Windows Settings? I think your problem would be solved if you change your Windows contrast settings:
    1. Go to your Desktop.
    2. Right click and in the menu list that appears click on Personalize.
    3. Click on Windows theme under the default themes showing there.
    This should turn your screen settings to normal.

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