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    Will Samsung Tizen OS run Android apps?

    Wondering if the upcoming Samsung Tizen OS will be operational with Android apps? Get updated information about Samsung Tizen OS vis-a-vis Android apps.

    Samsung reported to internet media that it will launch a phone running Tizen OS in December. The phone price seems to be affordable and will be Rs.6000 in India. Since it is a new OS, it is obvious that there will be less apps. So only option for Samsung is to make their phone Android app compatible. I need to know whether Tizen OS support Android app?
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  • The release of Tizen OS has always been delayed and if it ever launches in the market then I won't suggest an average user to buy its first release itself. The phone should be bought by enthusiasts or developers or those who're looking to spend some money on new smartphones.

    As for it running Android apps, I don't think it would run Android or any other existing OS's apps. Apps for Tizen would be developed independently and it would be run as a separate ecosystem like iOS, Android and Windows 8/8.1.

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