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    Best custom ROM for Redmi 1S ?

    Looking for a customized ROM for Redmi 1S smartphone? Our experts will give you suggestions on the most stable customized ROM for Redmi 1S smartphone.

    I am a regular user of smartphones and currently using Redmi 1S as my primary phone. The official ROM v45.0 MIUI V5 is giving poor performance. I had rooted my device to solve the problem by overclocking the CPU but it doesn't work. Suggest me best custom and stable ROM for Redmi 1S.
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  • If you've rooted your device and are ready to experiment a bit with the OS, try giving the Mokee ROM a shot. I haven't heard of any other custom ROM for the Redmi 1S that is as stable as the Mokee ROM.

  • The best custom ROMs for "Redmi 1s" are:

    1. Paranoid Android 4.6
    2. CM11 R9
    3. Mokee 1.9
    4. Official PAC ROM

    I think Mokee 1.9 ROM will be the best for Redmi 1s.

    I hope this was useful for you.

  • Two of the best custom and stable ROMs for Redmi 1S are given below:

    1. CM11 AOSP
    2. Mired ROM

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