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    How to write USA and UK based niche for maximum CTR?

    Discovered that better CTR can be had with US and UK based niche articles? Know from our blog experts about the various topics you can write on to get good US and UK traffic for better CTR.

    In one of the articles about Google AdSense, I came to know that article niche-based on outside countries like USA and UK give maximum CTR compared to India and nearby countries. I want to know how to write USA and UK based niche articles for my blogs about GATE and Mechanical engineering? Is there any specific requirement?
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  • If you are writing about GATE exams then how can you expect to attract traffic from European or US countries? GATE is an Indian exam and only Indians will search for this topic.

    However, Mechanical Engineering is a non-country specific topic and you should be fetching traffic from these countries already on your blog. But if you are not getting traffic from these countries then it can be simply because Indian English is a little different from the English of these countries. So, Google might not be showing your blog as a relevant blog for the visitors of this country. There might be an issue with the English quality too. Just write advanced articles based on Mechanical Engineering and make sure these are in-depth articles of minimum 1000 words with proper English and then you should definitely get traffic from these countries.

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