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    Turtle Beach Stealth 500x features details and price

    Heard about the Turtle Beach Stealth 500x but don't know specific details? Here at get the latest updates on the price and features of Turtle Beach Stealth 500x

    There is one more latest gadget released in the Electronic market which can help for the gamer, the Turtle Beach Stealth 500x wireless headset. Its release will enrich Xbox games with great sound. What is the price of Turtle Beach Stealth 500x and where can we buy it for a best deal online? Kindly provide some feedback about it.
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  • Yes you are right, Turtle Beach Stealth 500x is a wireless headset for the Xbox One, it will definitely enrich gaming experience on the Xbox. Its price on Amazon and its official website is $229.95 or 14,250 INR. It is currently not available on Flipkart or Snapdeal. You may however find some discount coupons on sites like retailmenot.

  • Below are the features and specs of Turtle Beach Stealth 500x headset :
    1. Turtle Beach Stealth 500x is completely wireless headphone, so that you will not get disturbed while playing games on Xbox One.
    2. Not only you can use it with Xbox One, Turtle Beach Stealth 500x is also comptible with Microsoft Windows and Mac OSs. This is a very useful feature of Turtle Beach Stealth 500x. You can also enjoy PC gaming experience with Turtle Beach Stealth 500x.
    3. Turtle Beach Stealth 500x has an inbuilt rechargable battery with a long lasting time of 15 hours.
    4. The earpeices of Turtle Beach Stealth 500x are very comfortable, they won't scratch your ears even if you play video games for many hours.
    5. The Turtle Beach Stealth 500x headset includes these items :

    • Removable boom microphone.

    • Wireless transmitter.

    • Mobile cable.

    • Digital optical cable.

    • USB charging cable.

    • Turtle Beach sticker.

    • Quick-Start guide.

    6. The price of Turtle Beach Stealth 500x is $229 on Amazon.

  • The Turtle beach Stealth 500X is truly an amazing headset.Made specifically for Xbox one, it delivers unbeatable audio and chat in a interference free and crystal clear experience.


    1.It is completely wireless.No controllers, no cables - totally free from any interference.

    2. Get amazing 3D 360° surround sound with DTS headphone.

    3. Immersive modes for your favourite movie , music and games.

    4. Genre based presets to suit your mood.

    5. Long life battery that delivers 15 hours of gaming.

    6. Volume controls on the headset

    7. Breathable , around the ear mesh to provide you comfortable experience.

    8. Let's you avoid shouting because mic monitoring helps you hear your own voice.

    9. Don't miss a call or text by hooking it up to your mobile phone while gaming.

    Available on official website at $ 229.95.

    Live....and Let Live!

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