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    Adding multiple YouTube channels under a single gmail account

    Need to create more than one YouTube channel under a single gmail acount? Learn how to do this from our experts.

    I want to create different Youtube channels for different purposes like - one for how-to tutorials, one for songs and one for funny videos. But I don't see any option to create more than one youtube channel under my youtube dashboard. I have a fear that if I upload all three types of videos under a single youtube channel, my existing subscribers will unsubscribe my channel and it also looks ugly. Please let me know - how to create more than one/multiple youtube channels under a single gmail account.
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  • You would need to create separate accounts for this purpose. However, you can link them all together so that you don't have to logout/login everytime you need to switch.

    Follow this method after you've created all the accounts:

    1. Log onto your primary YouTube account.
    2. On the top right corner, click on your icon.
    3. At the bottom of the pop-up that opens, click "Add Account"
    4. Login to your other account.

    That's it! Now if you click on your YouTube icon on the top right hand corner, you would be able to see your other accounts below your main account. If you click on the other account, it will directly take you to the second account without having to logout/login. This works vice-versa.

    I hope this solves your query!

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