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    Which is a high-paying Google Adsense alternative between Skimlinks and Viglink affiliate networks?

    Not sure whether to go for Skimlinks or Viglink network as an alternative to Google AdSense? Get first-hand feedback and reviews of Skimlinks and Viglink networks.

    For bloggers and website owners, Google Adsense has been the most powerful source of income or source of revenue generation for years now. However, with time, different Adsense alternatives like Infolinks and Affiliate programs have come up that could potentially challenge Google Adsense earning capability in future. Two such high-paying affiliate options are Skimlinks and Viglink. Being a novice blogger from India, I want to know the comparison between Viglink and Skimlinks as well as understand the better option for me. Please suggest.
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  • Google Adsense and Viglink/Skimlinks are completely different programs. Adsense is an ad network which pays you on pay per click basis whereas Viglink and Skimlinks, both are affiliate networks that pay you for every sale driven from your blog.

    Advantages of Viglinks and Skinlinks are:
    1. You do not need to create an account with every affiliate network.
    2. Just add Viglink/Skimlinks code to your blog and whenever you add any normal link to Amazon, eBay etc. it will automatically become an affiliate link.
    3. With only one account you will get access to over 12,500 merchants of Viglink or 17,000 of Skimlinks.
    4. You will get the highest possible commission e.g., with Amazon affliate your commission increases with every sale upto 8% on a per month basis. But with Viglink or Skimlinks you will get 8% on every sale you make.
    5. Minimum payout is very less, $10 for Skimlinks and $25 for Viglink.
    6. You save a lot of time.
    I recommend you to try both programs, so that you do not miss any merchant in their circle.

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