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    Is it possible to buy Nokia Lumia 520 display glass?

    Did the glass of your Nokia Lumia 520 display screen break? Find out if you can get it replaced without having to replace the entire screen hardware.

    I have Nokia Lumia 520 and its screen got broken. However the touchscreen feature works normally. Now I need to know whether I have the option to buy the glass alone or I should buy the glass along with touchscreen. If anybody replaced touchscreen by yourself share your knowledge. Also let me know how to search in eBay and buy it.
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  • No you dont have to buy the touch screen, If the screen is cracked and the touch is working fine! All you have to so is that take your phone to the nearest Nokia Service and get the display screen changed! If you give it to Nokia store they charge 4K but if you give it a local dealer and get it replaced for Rs 1600.

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