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    How to select the best Android smartphone?

    Planning to buy an Android smartphone? Before you make your purchase, get expert tips on how to make the right selection.

    Nowadays, we find a large number of latest Android smartphones in the market. Many companies are introducing new versions too, with each version of different from the previous ones. It creates confusion in our selection of smartphones. So can anyone guide me how to select the best Android smartphone? Suggest some names & models with their features
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  • It's true that many companies are introducing new Smartphone day by day in the market and it had made the customers difficult to select the best Smartphone among them. You hadn't mentioned the price range so it'll be too difficult to select a Smartphone for you.

    The customers should take care of the following things while purchasing a Smartphone.

    1.The preliminary step describes that you must declare a price range and then think for purchasing a good Smartphone. A price range of 10,000 is enough to buy a decent Smartphone.

    2. Always prefer to buy the Smartphone with the latest Android Operating system available within your price range or a Smartphone i.e upgradable to the upcoming operating System. In doing this the filter facility of the online shopping site will help you a lot.

    3.Design- It's obvious that design many customers opt a Smartphone with a good design. I would suggest you to buy a Smartphone having slim and portable design.

    4. The processor of Smartphone decides the speed and hence I would suggest you to buy Smartphone with Snapdragon's processor.

    5.Select a Screen size for your Smartphone according to your requirements. Generally a Smartphone having a screen size 4.5 inches or more look more attractive and doesn't cause strain in the and displays clear texts or graphics.

    6.You must decide the number of core you want on your Smartphone. Generally Smartphone comes with Dual, Quad, Octa cores. The greater the number of core will be the less the battery will be eaten up the system and the more powerful execution is being provided by your Smartphone.

    7.If you want to click nice photographs from your phone then buy a phone having a primary camera of 5 MP or more with a flash light because flash light provides a better quality image while taking picture in dim light. Always prefer to click one photograph and observe the properties of the photo clicked like image quality, shutter speed and features.

    8. Check the power of the battery of your Smartphone and always make sure that it should have a powerful power source.

    9. Last but not the least visit techulator and always give priority to read the review, the search toolbar. You can ask the experts about the pros and cons of the Smartphone you've selected.

  • My suggestions are simple:

    1. Search for top Android smartphones.

    2. Compare their specs: Use comparison tools offered by the spec based websites.

    3. Decide a brand: Smartphones from top brands like Samsung, Sony Nokia are really durable and worth buying.

    4. Don't make a budget: If you want to choose the best Android smartphone till date, then don't limit your search by price factor. But if you want one under any good price range, then go on!

    5. Buy the Android smartphone you chose.


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