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    How to view webpages in offline using Google Chrome?

    Wondering whether you can view pages in offline via Google Chrome? Get expert answers to this query below.

    I came to know that Google Chrome has been updated in such a way that, by applying some settings, users can browse through the web pages even in Offline. Could someone explain me that procedure?
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  • I don't think there is any such procedure. However, you can "save" a webpage for offline use in any browser!

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  • You can test some of the extension of google chrome for offline webpages. Here are some list of them:
    1. Scrapbook
    2. Chromium Scrapbook
    3. Pocket (formerly Read It Later)
    4. Read Later Fast

    You can try them.

  • Chrome has indeed some options with which you can read the webpages offline. A few such options are

    1. Read it
    Read it is a Chrome extension. It lets you save content on cloud and then read it later. It saves all the content after stripping it of ads and any unrelated content. Get the extension from
    The extension has now been named My Klips.

    2. Spool
    Spool is a new entrant in the field. It has a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox apart from the apps for iOS and Android. It is integrated with DropBox and thus allows you sync all kind of files along with webpages.

    3. Read It Later
    This is an awesome wayto read any content offline. It an be integrated with a lot many apps and as such you can save any content from browsers or apps to Read It Later and have a look at them offline when you get time.

    4. Readability
    The application is available both as a web portal and extension. Head on to the official website and register an account. Download the extension from the official page and add it to Chrome. The applcation can also be integrated with several other apps. They also have mobile apps for Android and iOS.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Most of the Chrome apps on ChromeOS and Extensions on browser requires one time syncing in order to keep the content offline. In such process they keep a local copy to store the content on hard disk. So you can access it any time you want. The same principle applies to addons on Android too.

    Here are some of the extensions(for chrome) and Apps for (ChromeOS) that allows you to read the webpage offline.

    1. Instapaper - This addon helps you view the content in minimal possible way. It reduces the bandwidth by reducing the file size and minimizing the images that you don't need. So this way less of your bandwidth is spent.

    2. Pocket - This addon works similar to Instapaper but it allows more content to be stored. Video, images, XL file etc. You can also save the content for permanent library if you have pro version. Regular syncing required for fetching new content.

    3. Read It - This extension works on Chrome OS and browser. It allows you to read the content offline. It doesn't offer anything more than that. It focuses on reading the text based content.

    4. KlipMe - This extenion works on Chrome and Kindle. It allows you to clip content from web and browser. You can read the content and view it offline. Syncing with cloud allows you to update annotations etc.

    These are some of the extensions that you can use on Chrome to read the content offline. Do note that there are some of the windows apps like HTTrack which lets you download websites for offline reading.

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