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    What are all the frameworks needed in present days?

    Want to know what all software frameworks are required for computer program developing? Get a list of the all-important frameworks right here from our experts.

    I am a web developer and I use most part of Java Script in my Development. I use Backbone.js, Angular.js and Underscore.js. Apart from these, what are all the Java Script Frameworks required to withstand the competition?
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  • I highly suggest you learn node and ember.
    For testing, learn Dojo and Jasmine.

  • I would recommend you to use meteor. You can find the official documentation at :

    The benefits of using meteor are as follow:
    1. Your applications are real-time by default.
    2. You can develop with just one language.
    3. You can save a lot of time with smart packages.
    4. The community is extremely supportive.
    5. It's optimized for developer happiness.
    6. It's friendly to beginner developers.

    Best of luck. Happy Coding :)

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