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    How to see files on SD Card in Moto G 2nd Generation?

    Finding difficulties in locating files on the SD card in your Moto G second generation smartphone? Get quick troubleshooting tips from our experts to help you solve the problem.

    I recently bought Moto G 2nd generation. I inserted the SD Card in to it, but could not find where it is. I can see it in the storage section, but could not find files. Someone suggested that I need to install file explorer application to see files of SD Card. Is it true? Is there any way other than installing an application?
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  • All Android smartphones usually come with a pre-installed file explorer. However, off late I've noticed some Android devices come with only "Photos" app installed.

    The 'Photos' app is also a file explorer but you can only browse photographs and videos on your SD card and internal memory using this app.

    To be able to browse all documents, photographs, videos and other files, it is recommended to download and install a good free file explorer app from the Google Play Store.

    I personally have used 'ES file explorer' and 'File Manager' apps and can vouch for great performance from both of them. Download the one of your choice.

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