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    What are Mozilla's unique features as compared to Google Chrome

    Wondering why Mozilla is preferred to Google Chrome as a default browser? Check out its unique features which makes Net users prefer it over Google Chrome.

    Most of us use Google Chrome as the default browser. It shows good performance and has attractive user Interface. But based on facts, most of the people in United States use Mozilla as their default browser and not Google Chrome. Why is Mozilla preferred as the default browser and what features does it have to make people opt for it?
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  • Rather than explaining what Mozilla scores over Chrome, it would be better to compare them under separate headings. I am making an attempt at such a comparison.

    1. Performance and Memory
    With the help of its Javascript engine Chrome offers fastest Javascript performance. Mozilla is slower in comparison. Chrome is 42% faster than Mozilla. Users who lean more towards speed will opt for Chrome.
    Memory-wise Chrome takes much memory than Mozilla. In fact, Mozilla is 7% more efficient than Chrome with 10 tabs opened in both. Though the difference is little, it becomes important with more tabs open. Users preferring efficient memory usage will opt for Mozilla. But Mozilla takes longer to release memory once the tab is closed.

    2. Stability
    Chrome has been observed to be more stable. It employs a technology where each tab runs as a single process independent of other tabs.

    3. User Interface
    Mozilla wins in this section. It has customizable layout. Mozilla also allows windowed browsing, while Chrome lacks it.

    4. Security
    Chrome provides a number of security features. Though, Mozilla has recently been adding a few security add-ons.

    5. Privacy
    There have been several concerns about Google indulging in user data collection to enable it to target marketing. Since Google earns through user tracking and advertising, it misses some of the features from Mozilla. Mozilla, on the other hand has an effective control of cookies.

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