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    How Tumblr is better that Blogspot of Google

    Are you weighing your options between Tumblr and Blogspot? Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Tumblr microblogging platform and how it compares with Google Blogspot.


    We know that Yahoo bought Tumblr for good amount of money. I used both Tumblr and Blogspot for a while. Tumblr gives you good user Interface, but blogspot is the base for a fresh blogger. But I see many bloggers prefer Tumblr than blogspot.

    What additional features does Tumblr support and how it is better when compared to blogspot?
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  • Possible reasons:
    1. A lot of people think that blogspot blogs are created for spamming and back-linking. So if you share your posts on social media sites, chances of them going viral are very less.
    2. There is no SEO benefit even though it is a Google product.
    3. Google is famous for deleting blogspot blogs without any reason.
    4. It is very difficult to get an web address you like. The good ones are already taken.
    5. Tumblr has much more beautiful themes.

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