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    Do I need to install Whatsapp apk file from official website to remove blue ticks?

    Are you wondering how to remove the blue ticks in Whatsapp? Follow this thread to learn the significance of installing the Whatsapp apk file from the official website.


    Recently, Whatsapp rolled out the feature of showing blue ticks in the chat, when the recipient has seen the message. Later, Whatsapp updated the application allowing the users to remove that feature. I tried uninstalling and re installing the app from the Google play store, but could not get rid of that feature. I came to know that, I need to install the apk file from the website and not from the play store to get this feature. To what extent is it correct? Also let me know steps to remove those blue ticks!
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  • Whatsapp added a new feature of hiding blue ticks, but it is not yet available for all devices. It should soon be available for all the devices and platforms.

    If you still want the latest version of Whatsapp without the blue ticks feature, then download the latest setup file from Whatsapp's official website and install it on your mobile. But remember, if you hide your blue ticks from others, you will not be able to see when others read your message too. So use it wisely.
    Download the setup from the link mentioned below:

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  • If you want to disable the blue tick feature then follow the following steps mentioned below:

    1. Open your Android phone settings, then go to Security and enable the option "Download from unknown sources".
    2. Go to the above link mentioned by Mahesh Gaikwad and download the .apk file of Whatsapp for Android.
    3. Install that software on your Android device.
    4. Open Whatsapp on your phone after installing. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy. After opening the Privacy option, uncheck the read receipts option.

    Please note, by unchecking the above option, you would also not be able to see when others have read your message.

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