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    What is SnapCash, the app recently launched by SnapChat?

    Snapchat has recently launched SnapCash. Read this thread to know what exactly SnapCash. Also learn the benefits of using this app and how to use it.

    I went through an announcement on the internet that SnapChat has launched an app known as SnapCash. While going to the details, I got confused what actually SnapCash is. So, can anybody here tell me about the recently launched app i.e. SnapCash, its uses and top features?
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    SnapCash is introduced by SnapChat to allows it's users to transfer money from one friend to another. SnapChat along with Square Cash launched this in USA, and not in any other nations.

    I pasted the YouTube URL here and it gives you full details about SnapCash

  • Snapcash is a fund transfer scheme introduced by SnapChat along with a banking venture Square Cash. This service is now exclusively available for the citizens of US only.

    Users can easily exchange dollars with friends same time using chat functions of SnapChat. They are required to submit their credit card details for the money exchange. After that they can easily process their payment directly to any of their friend's bank account just by a swipe using the chat function.

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