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    How to update the earnings report in Infolinks?

    Do you like to know when your Infolinks report is updated? Have some questions regarding their reports? Follow this thread.

    I recently got my Infolinks account approved via techulator but when I logged in, I got the reports only up to 21 November 2014. From then, there is no auto update. I want to see my latest report. Can anybody tell me how to update the earning summary report in my Infolinks dashboard?
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  • Usually Infolinks automatically update the earning reports of its users everyday exactly at 3 PM. The earning data then show will contains all the earning details up to previous date.

    Make it sure you are earning and then check for the update in the payment section. If the problem continues, try to uninstall the program and install one more time. And lastly, don't hesitate to ask the Infolinks itself for the issue you have.

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