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    Focus feature of Samsung Galaxy 4 tab camera

    Having difficulty using the Focus feature of Samsung Galaxy 4 tab camera? Get quick tips and guidance from experts right here.

    I need to know how to focus the camera of the Samsung tablet 4. I really want to make Youtube videos but I can't because of bad graphics. I'll appreciate if you could help me please. If not is there a way to record xbox from your tablet?
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  • There are definitely many focusing features available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. You should first set camera of your tablet on the auto focus mode.

    Open the camera, Go to Settings and search for Focus Mode. Select the Auto Focus Mode.

    Also, while clicking pics or recording a video, you can manually focus on anything by just clicking on that object on your tablet's screen. It will clarify the object by focusing on it leaving the edges blurred.


  • You can use the manual focus feature of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 camera by touching the object on the screen which you want in focus.

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