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    LAVA N350 smartphone feedback required

    Not sure whether to buy the LAVA N350 smartphone or look for other similar brands & models? Check out the reviews of the LAVA N350 to know whether or not it is a good buy.

    I would like to buy LAVA N350 smartphone for travel usage. Is it the least expensive and best Android smartphone to use temporarily? Is there any other cheap and best smartphone to buy as compared to N350 for travel purpose? I would like to know feedback on this.
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  • Lava N350 is very old Android handset. I can see this handset is not available in any e-commerce site. This mobile was launched in the year 2012. If you see the phone evolution lot of improvements were made in the year 2013 and 2014. Hardware price was dropped in the present years. So if you buy recently launched handset you will get phone good hardware as well as updated software.

    You didn't mention the price that you are offered for Lava N350. Originally the price of this phone was Rs.4500. It will be a good deal if you buy it for Rs.1500. Since you need phone for travel purpose I understand either you need a phone with long lasting battery or phone with good GPS facility. This phone is not worth buying in either case. There are lot of phone currently present in market with good battery life and GPS facility than Lava N350. Let me give you details of mobile that are available under Rs.4500 that servers your need.

    Samsung Galaxy Star 2:
    It is the latest device from Samsung running KitKat OS. It has Google Maps by default which gives you live location using GPS. With average use the phone gives battery backup for 1 day. This phone cost you Rs.4300.

    Micromax Bolt A065:
    This phone cost Rs. 3,999. The specification are same as Galaxy Star 2 with only difference in screen size. Micromax Bolt A065 has 4 inch screen whereas Star 2 has got 3.5 inch screen. Choosing the screen size is upto you.

    Lava Iris 310 Style
    It is a good looking low end device which is priced at Rs.3000. It is low end device with only 256MB RAM. However this RAM is sufficient for the latest Android V 4.4. The above mentioned phones has 512 MB RAM. If your a light user who use phone mostly for call and SMS then go for it without a second thought. This phone also has GPS facility and Google Maps by default which works as good as above mobile do.

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