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    How to upgrade from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 or above?

    Need to updgrade your Dell smartphone from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0? Learn from experts how you can do a system upgrade of your smartphone.

    I have a smartphone from Dell having an old version of Android and now I want to update it to the higher version. I am not getting the option of system upgrade. So please tell me how to upgrade my Dell smartphone from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 or above.
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  • I am sure there won't be any official update for Dell from V 2.0 to V 4.0. Usually Google rolls out update only for flagship devices like Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3 etc. So there is no way your device will get official update.

    Unofficial update:
    The only option left is to flash a custom ROM based on Android 4.0 for your device. You can get custom ROMs from 'XDA developers' website. Search with keyword "custom ROM (your device name with model number)" in XDA developers website and you will find posts with attachments. If you download the attachment you will get a zip file. Put the zip file in your phone's sdcard and reboot to recovery mode. In recovery choose the option "select zip from sdcard". Locate the zip file and confirm. Your phone will be updated with new version of Android.

    I have just written about the default steps of installing a ROM. You will find detailed steps in the post from where you download this file. Carefully follow the instructions given in the post. Check for user comments as they might have reported common issues. If the users report issues like bricked, bootloop or blank screen don't install that zip file.

    Note: Installing custom ROM may void warranty.

  • Mobile manufacturers don't give software updates to each and every phone. So in this case you need to install a custom Rom (Android OS) developed by an android developer.

    Follow below steps to flash a custom rom:
    Before installing a custom rom, you first need to root you smartphone. Rooting grants you access to your mobile's system files. Rooting will also void your handset's warranty. So think twice before you root your device.

    Once you root your device, save the custom rom file into your phone's SD card. Custom rom will be easily available online (if it is developed for your handset). Then reboot your phone in recovery mode. To reboot your handset in recovery mode download third party app which are available on Google play store. You can also access recovery mode by pressing hard keys like volume key up/down and power button.

    Once you get into recovery mode, clear dalvik cache, battery stats and then install custom rom zip file. Then restart your device.

    Note:- Do read installing the custom rom procedure carefully and follow it properly. Some custom roms may have bugs like wifi not working, camera not working etc. But the developer sometimes fixes those bugs and gives patches for issues.

    The following site has good developers and is an authentic site for android developments and custom roms:

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